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24" x 26" | Heavy Cotton Rag Paper | Giclee Print

Magalaxian - Garden of Galaga Flower Print - Limited Edition

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The Magalaxian print is a piece from my ongoing "Gardens Of Galaga" collection which is apart of my "Onus to Nature" series.

“The Gardens of Galaga” is an ongoing collective of floral and plant life paintings which introduce new natural wonders to the world. As a result of mass consumerism the unique and rare botanical species of this world are diminishing. Huge demand and corporate markets have taken what was once a glimmer of pure magic and turned it into a commodity. My paintings showcase a new beginning – a rebirth, a reinvention of the old and an iconic testament to the colorful grandeur and beautiful forms which once existed in the wonderful floral world of nature.
The names and structures of each painting play with my fascination of science fiction, and video games, and bring a small amount of humor to an otherwise sad and tragic turn of events.

Limited Edition Full Color Print
Giclee Print on 100% cotton rag fine art paper
Certified, Signed and Numbered Limited Series of 100 Prints
Paper Size is 24" x 36" with 22" x 30" image

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