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CANIS LUPUS - Gray Wolf Print - Limited Edition Print

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This Gray Wolf print is a piece from my ongoing "Kingdom Kindred" collection which is apart of my "Onus to Nature" series.

A collection of paintings based upon the beauty, strength and vulnerability of the Animal Kingdom. The structure and composition of each unique piece uses the effect of direct eye contact and gives aid to deliver their tenuously threatened and endangered existence on the fragile planet they share with humans.

Limited Edition Full Color Print
Giclee Print on 100% cotton rag fine art paper
Certified, Signed and Numbered Limited Series of 100 Prints
Paper Size is 16" x 18" with 14" x 14" image
Paper Size is 24" x 26" with 20" x 20" image
Paper Size is 34" x 36" with 30" x 30" image

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